How to save money using SVGs

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Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  This means that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small amount of money at no additional cost to you.

If you are wondering what SVGs are and why I’m talking about them, then worry not.  This article is going to explain all.


I personally find SVGs a fantastic way to make my house look fabulous for little to no cost.  Hopefully, by the time you’ve read everything in this post, you’ll be off and using them too.

What are SVGs?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic.  They are images that you can change the size of without any loss of quality.


Think about when you’ve tried to enlarge an image and then when it gets too big it started to look all pixellated and blocked.  That doesn’t happen with SVGs.  They look just as good in any size.


They’ve been around for over two decades now and used a lot in the design industry.  If you think about logos used my large companies, they need those to look good on the side of a box or on a billboard.


How do they work?

Watch out because the mathematician in me is about to come out.  Unsurprisingly, based on their name, they use vectors.


Vectors have both magnitude (size) and direction.  This means that it doesn’t matter where the starting point of a vector is, if you follow a vector it will take you the same distance in the same direction.


SVG images are created using a series of these vectors all linked to each other.  This means that when you scale it up, each point of the image is generated based on its relative position to all the other points.  Are you sufficiently maths out yet?


Why use them?

As I’ve mentioned their main benefit is that you can make them bigger and smaller and they still look just as good.  Graphic designers love them because of the flexibility they give.


You can use them too.  They aren’t complicated.  They work in the same way other images do so you can use them for any arts and crafts projects you may be working on.


You don’t want to be using an image or graphic and go to enlarge it for your projects and suddenly it looks grainy.  Choose an SVG instead.


Where you can get them?

There are lots of different options for where to get SVGs.  Design Bundles is a great resource.  It doesn’t matter what the project is, they will have something on there that will suit your project.


Plus, there are lots of free options too.  Great for us frugal living types.  You can just search for “SVG free” and choose from the many options that come up.  But even the paid-for packages aren’t expensive.


How to use them in your home?

SVGs are a fantastic resource to help you create custom artwork for your home.  Let me show you an example.

This is an example of a cute heart image which is in SVG format.  Now, this would make a great print.  What I do is transfer this to an image editing program and add it to an A4 page.  You can see below what it looks like printed out.

You can also create prints that include both images and text.  Most texts are SVGs so that you can make them as big as you need for your project.


Therefore, you could create a whole selection of motivational prints to decorate your house with.  All you would need is a printer and a few frames.


You don’t have to just do prints though.  With a little imagination and access to someone with vinyl cutting machine, you could use SVG to make designs for all sorts of items.  Check this out.

This would look great on mugs and cups, so I can print it out and add stick it to my coffee cup.  Like this.

With SVGs it is easy to make them bigger and smaller.  By using different coloured vinyls, you can get all different colours too.


Lots of people use SVGs for making gifts for Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ day.  You find a fab design, make it the right size and colour, print it on whatever medium you would like and gift it.


Have you used SVGs before?

I would love to hear about how you have used SVGs in your frugal home.  Their flexibility and creativity know no bounds.


With so many options available for nothing or at little expense, you could create some beautiful items for your home without needing to bust your budget. Go on give them a try.

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