Getting the best prices on food

Getting the best prices on food

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Being frugal with food can be a challenge.  It is for me anyway.  I love food and cooking and like to be creative when trying new foods.


That is why I like to get the best prices on the foods I buy.  I want to experiment but without the price tag.  Therefore, I have to go into full investigative mode.


Over the years, I have perfected the art of finding food at the best prices, so you don’t have to waste that time, I’ve put all my tips here.


Look for yellow labels

You can get some true bargains in the yellow labels section, particularly if you are shopping at the right time of day.  I find that 7-8 pm is the best time in my local stores.


You will find that these are kept in different sections of the store and some will even be on the same shelf as the rest of the same products.  Go hunting for them.


Just be careful.  Do the maths and don’t just buy because they have a yellow label on them.  Sometimes the reduced price is more expensive than buying it as part of a deal or a different brand.

Don’t shop the end of aisles

It might feel like this is a great place to look for deals and sometimes it is, but most of the time these items aren’t the cheapest foods.


For the budget products, avoid the ends of aisles.  You want to look with the bulk of the goods instead.


End aisles usually contain multibuy deals which are there to encourage you to buy more than you need.  Just don’t look at them I say.


Look at the price per gram

This is my favourite tip but that might just appeal to me as a mathematician.  However, this is the way to ensure that you get the best price.


On the labels in shops, it will tell you the price of that item per kilogram, unit or litre.  This is a great way to compare costs as it is not influenced by the size of the container.


It could be that one item looks cheaper but it could be that this is because you are getting less.  If this information isn’t on the label then you whip out your phone and use your calculator to work it out.


Buy in bulk

If you can afford it and you have space then I strongly recommend buying in bulk as this is where you can make some huge savings.


The more of something you buy the cheaper it gets per kilo, litre or whatever.  Therefore, if you can buy 5kg of pasta then this will be cheaper than buying 1kg every week for the next five weeks.

Choose a cheap supermarket

Finding a cheap supermarket is going to make saving money on food a whole lot easier.  But I wouldn’t say that it is best to pick one supermarket for all your food.


It is likely that some shops will be cheaper for different items than others, so it is worth looking around to discover which shops have the best prices for your favourite items.  Don’t forget to check those price per kilo figures too.


What tips do you have for saving money on food shopping?

How do you save money when you food shop?  Do you visit different supermarkets to get the best deals?  Comment below and let know.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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  1. Surabhi

    I prefer online shopping from a trusted website for packed food item and sometimes fruits and veggies too. It helps me compare the prices both local and online

  2. Vicky Beaney

    I never knew this about the end of isle deals. Thank you for the advice!

  3. Nadalie Bardo

    Such great tips for saving money on groceries! I love buying in bulk, but I have to make sure I have a plan so I dont end up wasting it.

  4. Ashley J Newton

    I love searching around the bulk sections! I do find some rare gems at the ends, but you’re right, it is best to shop in other locations for the most part!

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