How to update your kitchen for less than £50

How to update your kitchen for less than £50

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I think we can all look at our houses sometimes and feel like they need a little update.  I used to do that a lot with our house and then despair at the costs.


Since we moved in, back in June 2012, our kitchen has needed an upgrade.  We never really had the money to do it.  We were skint from buying a house, then we were skint from having two kids and then we wanted to save our money for travelling.


Therefore, if we wanted to improve it, it was going to have to be on the cheap.  A bit of research later and I had a solution.

My motivations for changing it

As I said, it was old.  I’m fairly sure that the kitchen in our house is the same kitchen it had when it was built back in 1990.  Therefore, it was in need of modernisation as they say.


Once we decided that we were going travelling, we didn’t want to put a brand new kitchen in, only for it to be used by someone else.  We needed a cheap and quick fix.


That is when I decided to give it a makeover.  Rather than fully changing the unit and tiles and whatnot, it would have the kitchen equivalent of a facelift.


What did I need to buy?

My plan was to scrap the current tile paint off the tiles and repaint with new white paint.  Then I was going to use sticky back laminate plastic to cover the worktops.  Then I would give the doors and walls a quick coat of paint.


For this I had to buy:

  1. A tin of white tile paint £36
  2. 2 rolls of DC Fix laminate £12
  3. A tile scraper – £1.50

This came to a total of £49.50.  I was annoyed about the tile paint as I had so much leftover, and it stops being useful after 48 hours.  I wish that I had shared it with a friend.


In addition, I borrowed a few tools and used up some paints that we already had in our house from previous DIY jobs.  This meant that we were able to paint the doors and walls for free.

How long did it take to complete?

Between work commitments and parenting, the whole jobs probably took me few days, but in reality it was spread out over a couple of weeks.


Some of the jobs, like scraping the tiles, were long and horrible and I wanted them to end quickly.  But once I had started I knew that I couldn’t go back.


How did I feel about the finished result?

I was so pleased with the finished result.  It was perfect for what it needed to do for the next year and it was a big improvement on how it looked before.


We will need to replace the kitchen at some point, but I am happy in the knowledge that I can use these cheap fixes to keep it looking smart until then.


Have you ever completed your own frugal makeover?

How did it go?  What room did you decide to improve?  And how much did it cost?  Share your stories below and inspire others.

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