How to save money on flights

How to save money on flights

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When it comes to travelling, aside from accommodation, flights are likely to be your next biggest expense.  Particularly if you are travelling long-haul.


Therefore, it is good to look for frugal travel ideas to help keep the cost of your flights to a minimum.  Giving you more money to enjoy yourself whilst you are there.


When we were travelling we took several flights and got saving money on flying down to a fine art.  Check out these tips below on how we did it.


Pack light

We always travelled light.  With roughly 5-6kgs per person, we always flew with just hand luggage.  This meant that we could avoid paying extra fees to check our luggage.


It is worth looking at the fees that airlines charge and their rules around the weight and dimensions of hand luggage.  We did our research before we left and made sure that the majority of airlines would allow our bags in the cabin.

Use a tracking tool

If you have got a bit of time then you can use a tool like Google’s flight tracker to monitor the prices of flights and let you know when they go down.


Prices of flights go up and down all the time, so even if you think you’ve got a good price chances are that it could go down even more.


This is particularly handy if you are not worried about your route or which day you fly on, as you can then get the best deal.


Be flexible

Further to using the tracking tool, you can have a look at websites such as to see the prices of flights in the whole month.


Therefore, if you don’t need to travel on a certain day then open up your search criteria and see if you can get a better deal a few days later.  You will be surprised at how much the prices can vary even over the space of a few days.


Take your own snacks

Many budget airlines will charge you extra for food and drinks.  Therefore, if you’ve got a good deal on your flight price, they are likely to want to charge you extra for all the items that will make your flight comfortable.


That is why we got into the habit of taking snacks with us.  You won’t be able to take water through security, but you can take a water bottle which you can fill up once you are through.  Snacks and sandwiches are fine too, so make these before you leave and take then with you.

Look at different routes

There is a lot to be said for flying directly to your destination and sometimes these are the best-priced flights.  However, you can sometimes get a better deal by making a few connections.


This may seem like a pain but you can sometimes make the best of it by spending a few hours exploring your connecting airport and country.  For example, Singapore’s Changi Airport offers a free bus tour for anyone with a 4 hour or more stopover.  A great way to see Singapore for free.


What are your top frugal flight tips?

Have you ever got a flight for a bargain price?  How do you save money on flights?  Let me know by leaving your comments below and I will add my favourites to the list.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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  1. Lucy Zelazowski

    Wow brilliant post, flights are so expensive, especially traveling with a family.
    Some great tips too.
    Lucy Zelazowski – @londonbirdlucy

  2. Lyndsey cooksey

    Great artical, I don’t fly very often, but when I do, I am always worried about how much stuff to take and if there will be extra costs. Never thought about taking your own food, I didn’t know you could. I’ve only been on short trips though that hasn’t required food. Good to know, thank you

  3. Michael Fisher

    All makes sense

  4. Rachel Craig

    If companies / businesses want to sell their goods / services :- The whole experience, price, quality, etc will impact on custom / reputation / income, etc. As customer/s chose from what is available, accessible, acceptable, etc. If experience is bad / poor :- Not only will that customer but others who know are empowered with that information when it comes to future purchases. Customer Service matters.

    Reasonable pricing helps customer, and can be beneficial for business. Inaccurate information / adverts, etc can lead to customer purchasing elsewhere.

    Some practical ideas in blog. Some that folks may have had to use due to very limited finances.

    In past had a knowledgeable friend who worked in a travel agents. So she was up to date with information. Very helpful.

    Friend a few years ago travelled very lightly which saved him money. Could do that as was visiting girlfriend in Paris, France. Could leave some clothes, etc there for next visit (regular visits). This was when Ryan Air I believe had started to charge a fee for everything. “Absolutely No Frills “.

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Let’s HOPE theres lots of bargains later this year – a holiday would be bliss

  6. Carly Belsey

    The price of flights can range so much at different times of the year, great article, thank you.

  7. Susan Smith

    Some very helpful tips here, thank you, i cant lleave any tips here for you, as i wouldnt know where to start to look for cheaper flights, i always seem to pay more than most of my friends

  8. Sandra Fortune

    Brilliant post and I never knew you could take your own sandwiches and snacks thanks for sharing

  9. sandy ralph

    i have never flown before so these are great tips

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