Cheap ways to make awesome Pinterest images for your blog

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Running a blog is a great way to make money, but can you run a successful blog frugally?  Well, I am here to tell you that you can.


Lots of different elements go into creating a great blog and one of them is having top-notch Pinterest account.  Pinterest can be a great source of traffic, but in order to get the views you’ve got to having engaging images that get people clicking.


There are lots of elements that go into make a great image and I’ll discuss them all here.  Remember that most of these resources are available for free, so there is no need to spend money on a designer.



For me, fonts are one of the most important parts of your Pinterest image.  They set the tone of the article, they convey your branding and normally determine your overall colour scheme.  Therefore, they should not me overlooked.


There are lots of different fonts you can choose from, but they are generally broken down into categories such as sans, serif and script fonts.


You don’t need to pay money for this either.  Use the freebies fonts and get creative with how you present them.  Mix up the colours or use a couple of different styles to make them stand out.


The pictures you use are important.  They say pictures speak a thousand words, and whilst I don’t agree with this is this particular case, you still need to choose them careful.


NO one is going to click on your picture purely because of the image you use, but it can be used to say a lot about your branding and the message you are trying to convey.


Use light and bright images that complement the text and represent your website and you’ll have a much easier time of converting impressions into clicks.



You have got to make your title snappy and engaging.  You want it to lie somewhere between factual and clickbait.  To do this we use powerful words like “ultimate” and “must-have” that gets Pinterest users interest in what you might have to say.


You need to keep it short too.  People scroll quickly through the pins that are presented too them and don’t want to read lengthy titles.  Be concise and get as much information across about the content as you can.


Remember to use different fonts to help you emphasise important phrases within the title that you want to grab peoples attention.

Call to action

There is absolutely no harm in telling people exactly what you want them to do.  You want them to click through to your website so write “click here to read more”.


If that seems too much, then how about a “read now” or “click here”.  Anything that gets those casual scrollers to engage with your content and ultimately end up on your website.


You can present this as a subtitle or put it in a big red box to make it super obvious.  It seems like it won’t work but it does.  Sometimes people need a little nudge.

Create engaging pinterest images

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