5 cheap ways to date when social distancing

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It might feel that dating is a bit of no-go still.  But with the lifting of restrictions, we can now start to do more and more.


But with the world still in a state of economic uncertainty, if we are going to date we need to be careful with our money.


Here are my suggestions for cheap dating ideas that you can do whilst socially distancing and staying safe.  Give them a try and let me know in the comments which ones were your favourites.


Go for a picnic

Being outside is the best place to be to stay safe.  And if the weather allows why not embrace this and go for a picnic.


You can both bring your own food and a picnic blanket, but take turns to choose the destination.  It is a great opportunity to show each other some for your favourite places.


The best bit is that you can make it as cheap as you like.  You could prepare your own food at home rather than stocking up at the shop on the way.

Exercise together

Why not get your bike out and go cycling together somewhere?  Or you could go for a run or a swim in the sea?


The Cambridgeshire dating scene has lots of beautiful outdoor spaces for couples to enjoy together.  It is the perfect city to lace up and head out for a jog.


Drive-through cinema

These are popping up all over the country and although they are probably one of the more expensive items on this list, they are perfectly safe to do in the current climate.


You and your date can pull your cars up next to each other.  Enjoy a movie and some snacks together with some quiet chit-chat too.


Pub garden

With the pubs now back open and accepting customers, it is time to head out and do with our country does best: the beer garden.


You can enjoy the safety of being outdoors with a cold, refreshing beverage and quite possibly a fantastic view too.


Once you have found a date on the Cambridgeshire dating site, you can discuss your favourite pubs in the county and meet for a few drinks and a getting to know you session.

Video calls

If the thought of meeting people outside still terrifies you, then there is still the video call that you can fall back on.  Nothing dangerous about that.


You could arrange to do a quiz, eat a meal together or just chat online.  The best part is that it doesn’t need to be a big event.  If you fancy talking to each other then just give them a ring or load up your laptop.


There is no end of different activities that you can do online together, so it doesn’t need to be a dull experience.  If you want to spend a bit of money, then you try an online escape room together or do a cocktail making class.  The possibilities are endless these days.



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