Dating whilst social-distancing? The budget dating dream

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Social distancing is here to stay so we might as well accept it.  But if you are not yet ready to accept that you might have to be single for 18 months, then fear not.


There are safe ways that you can meet new people, stay safe and (the most important thing) stay in budget.  Therefore, I’ve got all your questions covered in one handy article.  You’re welcome!


Why it is the frugal living dream?

First up, let’s tackle this.  Socially distanced dating is the dream for those living a frugal lifestyle.  The safer the date from a Covid perspective the cheaper it is likely to be.


Plus, a lot of the expensive nights out are still closed and there is none of the temptation of drunken karaoke to prematurely end your date.  Singing is strictly not allowed.


But picnics in the park, camping and now even a cheeky Nandos are all wonderfully cheap dates that you can do at a distance.

Great dates you can try

Go for a picnic

With the summer weather just about hanging on, why not grab a basket, a punnet of strawberries and a bottle of wine and head to the nearest park.


Sitting in the shade of tree and chatting to each other if like an image from a Jane Austen novel and if it’s good enough for them it is good enough for you.


Outdoor dining

Lots of restaurants are optimising their outdoor spaces and with the “eat out to help out” campaign launching in a week or two it could make for a cheap date.


You can keep a safe distance, enjoying some alfresco dining and still get to know your latest find from the Glasgow dating site.

How to stay safe?

Make sure you discuss in advance what you are comfortable with and get to know what you feel happy with in terms of distancing and mask-wearing etc.


We are entering new territory with this, that no one on the Glasgow dating scene has had to deal with before, so it is good to get the questions dealt with and out in the open.  If this date fails, then chances are you’ll have to go through this again so set some boundaries and expectations to keep you both safe.


Ways to boost your dates for less

If you fancy upping your frugalness but also the fanciness at the same time then I have a few tricks that you can try.

1.  Grab some high-end snacks and drink from Aldi or Lidl

The quality is just as good as the price and you’ll be able to afford a few luxuries like tapas or alcoholic beverages without breaking the budget.

2.  Utilise your back garden

You could dress your garden up a bit, maybe get out the fire pit and a few marshmallows.  What sounds like a boring date could be super romantic even on a tiny budget.

3.  The charity shops are open

With the charity shops now open you can go and grab yourself a bargain outfit.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to look fabulous.


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