Frugal confidence boosting activities to help you find love

Frugal confidence boosting activities to help you find love

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One of the best things you can do before looking for a partner is to learn to love yourself.  Once you understand what brings you joy and happiness you won’t settle for anyone that compromised that.


But you don’t have to go through expensive therapy or wellbeing classes to get there.  There are a whole load of cheap and easy ways to begin on your journey of self-discovery and self-confidence.

  1. Listen to motivating podcasts

There are a whole load of podcast out there that are great for boosting your confidence and helping you work on the underlying thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself.


Most podcasters make their episode available on a range of different platforms and many of these are free, so you will be able to listen to their excellent words of advice for free and on the go.


2.  Journalling

One of my favourite and most powerful tools has been my journal.  Through committing to a regular journal practice I have learnt to how to challenge some of the messages I tell myself.


We all conduct in some self-talk and this can be part of what limits our self-confidence.  If you are constantly telling yourself that you are unworthy of love, or that you are never going to find a partner, then you are making true.


Using a journal to discover and rewrite these messages will allow yourself to move forwards into a more loving relationship with you.

3.  Get some books out the library

Perhaps you feel like you don’t know how to improve your self-confidence, or maybe there is one specific area that really gets you down.  Well, I 100% guarantee that someone has written a book about it.


A quick search online at your local library will yield a wealth of great books to help you through your current predicament.  There are so many fantastic author that write on this topic of self-love, so go check out a book about it and see what difference to makes to you.

4.  Do what you want to do

When you start dating there are normally a lot of people that have advice about how you should look and behave in order to attract your ideal partner.  But when you think about it, you don’t want to someone to be attracted to a fake version of you.  You want them to fall in love with you because of exactly who you are.


Therefore, it is sensible to play around with doing more of the things you love.  Now there is no guarantee that this particular point is going to be cheap.  I have no idea if the things you love doing are expensive or not, but try to do more of them nonetheless.


That way when people are searching for you on Match Me Happy or other free dating sites UK, then they will see a person who knows exactly what they want and is enjoying their life.  And let’s face it, there is nothing more attractive than that.

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